Thank You Sponsors!

Most events take 12-14 months to organize.  A Race Committee will  spend an entire year or more planning and designing, recruiting volunteers, mapping courses, meeting with municipalities and various other duties required for a successful event.  It takes thousands of dollars and uncountable hours of work just to put on a 5K Run.  The only way an event can be a success and give back to the community, is through sponsorships and donations.  We are always looking for donated services, financial contributions and paid sponsorships from local businesses and national corporations.  We have very affordable sponsorship rates with a great ROI for your business.  Below are just some of the businesses who have contributed to our past events and helped us raise money for local charities.  If you are interested in sponsorship, please contact us for a chance to discuss one of the many opportunities we have available.



Robin Kempfer
Events Coordinator

TEL: 608-217-5941